Board Summary

ASAA is concerned about the rate of tobacco, alcohol and controlled substance abuse among high school aged children and identified the issue as a part of their strategic plan of action. ASAA can influence the norms and values of underage students around the use of tobacco, alcohol and controlled substances by the enforcement of a no tolerance policy for students that participate in athletics and activities thereby contributing to the reduction of the number of motor vehicle accidents, suicides, teen pregnancy, criminal acts, and other health issues related to abuse of substances.

The organization is responsible for providing consistent enforcement of its rules across Alaska. Because of the varying commitment to local school policies around the use of substances, not all athletes and activity participants have a level playing field. Up to this point individual school districts have been responsible for the enforcement of the policy that has resulted in inconsistencies around the state. In addition, communities have a disparity of resources available for parent and community education and intervention. By requiring the students to follow the ASAA policy, a consistent and significant no tolerance statement can be made to all Alaskan students and their parents. The program can provide educational services to rural communities via interactive web based educational programs so all students and parents have access to the information.