Play for Keeps is a statewide Tobacco, Alcohol and Controlled Substance program focused on students participating in high school interscholastic activities. The program is designed to reinforce good decisions and a healthy lifestyle for young people by imposing sanctions supported by educational components for those who do not follow the rules.

A well developed program that promotes and provides:

• Zero tolerance of the use of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Controlled Substances
• Clear penalties for violation
• DVD/web-based Educational Components for students and parents
• Will apply to all student participants in all ASAA sanctioned activities which require the submission of eligibility in School Activities Reporting System (SARS) prior to participation.
• Students will be subject to policy beginning with first participation in current school year
• Will be in effect only during a school’s calendar year, and during any activity season which falls outside of school calendar year
• Not in effect during summer vacation

After first participation under program, student will be subject to policy for remainder of high school years in Alaska