Disciplinary Options


Student to complete a community service project in accordance with district policy regarding student discipline: Project could be coordinated through local medical facilities, shelters, fire stations, non-profit agencies (particularly health focused i.e. Lung Association, Heart Association), faith based agencies, or other local options

Students study and complete packets of health information using district health curriculums: (whether during in-school suspension, in a classroom setting or at home) Once completed the student would share what he/she has learned in a class presentation (most effective with older students teaching younger students)

Have students show through their actions that they understand the consequences of their choices by completing a project that impacts their school or community environment: Students create an informative bulletin board; students produce audio/video informational PSAs; students create and distribute posters or pamphlets; students create art projects with a positive health message; students arrange for a speaker with a positive health message to come to school;

Create a program for adults and/or older students to be a mentor and positive role model: Coach, school resource officer, school nurse, village public safety officer, Community Health Aide, and high school students.

Create a recognition program in your school that identifies students who make healthy choices.

Create opportunities in your school for older students to be positive role models to younger students.

Invite and/or redirect students to get involved in school or community organizations that promote leadership. Having leadership opportunities has been shown to impact a student’s lifestyle choices in a positive way:

The Alaska Association of Student Governments
The Rural Alaska Community Action Program

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