How to Stay “On” in the Off-Season

Would you like to feel strong, energized, focused and engaged during the off-season? These are just a few ways you can be at the top of your game, even in the off-season.

FITNESS PLAN: Regular exercise takes a little discipline and initiative, but nothing can help you feel and perform better mentally, physically and emotionally than physical activity. Once exercise becomes part of your daily routine, you’ll look, think and feel better every day.

The immediate, short-term benefits of high intensity exercise are the brain’s production and release of endorphins. Not only do endorphins produce a general feeling of well being (even euphoria), they also minimize depression, increase pleasure and alleviate pain. Conversely, low endorphin levels produce cravings for fatty foods (which are unhealthy, but also produce endorphins).

The long-term benefits of regular exercise and fitness for student-athletes are well known. However, regular exercise helps everyone live a happier, more satisfying and longer life.

RUNNING – CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING: When it comes to exercise, every student-athlete knows the value of running. Whether you choose to develop your own personal routine and routes, or elect to join a local running club and participate in organized events, running offers many returns on your investment. In the winter, recreational and competitive cross-country skiing provides the perfect outlet to get your exercise and chase those wintertime blues.

TRY A DIFFERENT SPORT OR ACTIVITY: Perhaps Orchestra is your passion. Maybe Football is your game. Or possibly Drama, Debate and Forensics are what you enjoy most.

The question now is, what do you do when your sport or activity season are over? Where do you invest your focus, and channel your energy and passion? We suggest a NEW sport or activity! It may not take the place of your favorite sport or activity, but the challenge and experience of trying something new will provide lessons and benefits that last a lifetime.