Student / Athlete

Student / Athlete

Play for Keeps. Win for Life!

As a participant in sports or interscholastic activities, you know what it means to play for keeps – to give your all to an activity, a team or a sport you enjoy. You have a head start on knowing the value of good choices, and you know the rewards of hard work, practice and commitment.

But let’s face facts: No teen can totally avoid exposure – and sometimes the pressure to experiment with – tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Even the most talented students and best athletes can make poor choices and destructive decisions.

And that’s exactly why this web site is here. Think of it as a place to go BEFORE you make a dangerous choice, and use it as your toolbox making positive, healthy choices to help you win for life.

Did You Know … ?

The next time someone tells you that “beer is harmless,” remind them that 80% of alcohol-related fatalities are caused by beer consumption.