Parent / Guardian

Parent / Guardian

Show them you care. Talk the Talk. Walk the Walk.

As a parent or guardian, you’ve probably asked yourself if your teen listens to anything you have to say. The fact is, teens do hear more than they let on, but more importantly, teens observe and sometimes imitate your actions. The best way to support your teen is to let them know you love and care about them, but don’t underestimate the power of leading by example and demonstrating in your own life the value of making good choices. Teens pay far more attention to what you do than what you say.

As the parent or guardian of a teen who is involved in interscholastic sports or activities, you can be very proud of their commitment and choice. However, no teen is immune to making poor choices. Every teen can be affected by peer pressure or be curious about tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

The Play For Keeps program has been created and designed to teach and demonstrate the value of making positive lifestyle choices. Based largely on positive reinforcement, the program includes strict eligibility standards and guidelines that underscore the serious consequences for making poor decisions.

This web site is designed to help your teen formulate and MAKE positive, healthy choices. You can play a leading role in guiding them to make choices that will help them win for life.

Did You Know … ?

According to the Alaska Youth Risk Behavior Survey, tobacco use has increased among middle school students, with e-cigarette use now being the most prominent.