Coach / Teacher

Coach / Teacher

A single choice can lead to success. Or failure.

As a Coach, Teacher or adult mentor, you have a unique opportunity and responsibility to help teens learn and practice the value of making good life choices. Your influence can make a crucial difference when teens experience curiosity or peer pressure to experiment with Tobacco, Alcohol or Drugs. And at a time when many teens are rebelling or testing parental authority, a trusted teacher or respected coach is sometimes the only mature, adult role model they listen to and respect.

You also have a unique opportunity to observe first-hand the powerful dynamics of peer pressure and recognize a teen’s need to be accepted. For many, high school can be the most daunting and confusing time in their lives. Most teens are several years shy of achieving real maturity and the ability to make sound decisions. But the good choices – or bad decisions – they make now can affect them profoundly.

And often for the rest of their lives.

The Play For Keeps program has been created especially designed to demonstrate and reinforce the value of making positive lifestyle choices. The program is based on positive reinforcement, but also includes eligibility policies to help teens understand the consequences of making poor choices about tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

This web site is designed to help teens formulate and MAKE healthy choices. You can play a leading role in guiding them to make choices that will help them win for life.

Did You Know … ?

The next time someone tells you that “beer is harmless,” remind them that 80% of alcohol-related fatalities are caused by beer consumption.