Did You Know 8

Did You Know ... ? According to the Alaska Youth Risk Behavior Survey, tobacco use has increased among middle school students, with e-cigarette use now being the most prominent. … [Read more...]

Did You Know 7

Did You Know ... ? The nicotine in tobacco is one of the most highly addictive substances on the planet. Tobacco may start out as a poor choice, but it soon becomes an addiction where choice and control are no longer possible. … [Read more...]

Did You Know 6

Did You Know ... ? 11,769 impaired drivers died in 2009. Over 700,000 impaired drivers were seriously injured. … [Read more...]

Did You Know 5

Did You Know ... ? Cigarette smoke contains high levels of carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, nitrogen oxides, and hundreds of other toxins and additives. … [Read more...]

Did You Know 4

Did You Know ... ? One beer is equivalent to a full shot of 80 proof hard liquor. … [Read more...]

Did You Know 3

Did You Know ... ? The price an average pack-a-day smoker pays to satisfy their addiction to these toxins is about $280 a month! … [Read more...]

Did You Know 2

Did You Know ... ? The next time someone tells you that “beer is harmless,” remind them that 80% of alcohol-related fatalities are caused by beer consumption. … [Read more...]

Did You Know 1

Did You Know ... ? Cigarette smoke is loaded with toxins and hundreds of harmful additives. It contains much higher levels of carbon monoxide than car exhaust! … [Read more...]